Operating Channels


(Process channels for the Organization) 



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The Operation Channels consist in the Activities that process values.


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> Activities



Activities may be:

  • unique in the business or widely used,
  • specific to the organization or shared,
  • managed by the organization or by a tier,
  • easilly substitutable or not,
  • representing a small or large part of the used value (Supplies and Resources),
  • representing a small or large part of the created value (Products, Revenues, Supplies and Resources),
  • ...



Activities may be related to:

  • a human activity, an machine activity, or both,
  • production, service, maintenance...,
  • product fabrication, control, delivery…,
  • marketing, communication...,
  • resource design, development, fabrication, improvement, delivery, installation, protection, preservation…,
  • supply acquisition, reception, control…,
  • sales, payment…,
  • accounting,
  • management,
  • ...



Activities may be:

  • trigered by a channel, another activity, an external event, an internal threshold, an external threshold,
  • specific to one outcome, or common to several types of outcomes,
  • specific to a Business Function, or shared by several Business Functions,
  • associated with other activities or not,
  • associated with a transaction or not,
  • share supplies with other activities,
  • share resources with other activities,
  • trigered once or several times per outcome,
  • trigered by the organization, by a tier or by a tier party,
  • souce of transaction channel trigering or not,
  • souce of activities or not,
  • requiring a lead time to be trigered or not,
  • ...





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