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In the frame of the Bm2, the Value Manager consists in the Divisions of the Organization.


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The Organization is the central economic actor of the Business System: it manages value and interacts with other actors. The Organization, through its different Divisions, has capabilities to operate a business, and has authority and control over its operations in the Business System. The Organization conducts its activities, manages its resources, generates its value proposition, exchanges values with other actors, and ensures the balance between costs and revenues.



The organization may:

  • operate in the profit sector or in the non-profit sector,
  • set its own strategic goal or get it from superior governance,
  • operate for a limited time (project-related organization) or for an unlimited time,
  • be independent or be part of a larger entity,
  • be unique or co-exist with similar organizations,
  • operate in a competitive or non-competitive industry,
  • operate in a BtoB market or in a BtoC market,
  • ...



The organization is a structured entity or set of entities that can have very diverse forms:

Profit organization:

  • a company's department,
  • a business unit,
  • a project-based structure,
  • a subsidiary,
  • an entire company,
  • a temporary set of different companies' services,
  • a group of several companies,
  • an international conglomerate,
  • ...

Non-profit organization

  • a person,
  • a club, an association,
  • a mutual company,
  • a political party,
  • a religious organization,
  • an NGO,
  • a public institution,
  • an administration, a government,
  • a country (to some extent),
  • ...



The organization may:

  • be the center of an ecosystem or be part of an ecosystem,
  • have strong or weak authority over its operations,
  • have strong or weak control over its operations,
  • ...




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