From Business to BM


The BM is an abstraction of a Business. There are 4 "abstraction filters" to go from Business to BM:


Level Filter

(where the BM stands)


The BM is part of both Business Strategy and Business Tactics

The BM does not stand at the same level as corporate strategy: Corporate Strategy frames the conditions for the setting of BMs.

The BM is not only part of the Business Strategy, but it is also part of the Business Tactics that supports it. That is one of the main interests of Bm2: it gathers Business Strategy and Business Tactics inside a coherent approach, instead of considering these two levels as separate disciplines.


Activity Filter

(what type of activities the BM focuses on) 


The BM refers to the Business Operations.

Governance & Strategy Operations refer to top management actions to usually ensure growth and sustainability for the organization in a long term perspective.

Business Operations refer to the regular actions related to the business of the organization. They are linked to the "ordinary course of business".

Disruption Operations refer to the non-regular actions aiming at changing the current business. They can either be linked to the "Plan" side of Strategy, or be imposed by disruptions in the business environment.

Extraordinary Operations refer to punctual actions that are not directly linked to the ordinary course of business. They are usually not planned.


Time Frame Filter

(what temporal extent the BM covers) 


The BM is settled per Business Phase.

A business usually passes through different phases in which it has different characteristics and pursues a specific strategic goal. Phases can change according to a strategic plan, or on the contrary because of a new strategy. The BM is broadly settled in a given phase where it may be modified only marginally, and changes as soon as the business enters a new phase.

Of course, in a given business phase, business operations should include the preparation for future phases. When future phases are not clearly defined (which is often the case, strategy becoming a more and more dynamic practice) such preparation may be done through some flexibility, and considering different scenarios.


Perspective Filter

(what standpoint the BM adopts)


The BM focuses on the Management of Value.


A business can be considered through many different perspectives. For each perspective (finances, management, resources etc.), one or several specific theories or practices exist. The BM concept analyses the management of value associated with a given business.

Value: Economic worth for actors of the business system, in the form of cash, assets, goods or services.



The BM is an abstraction of Business that passes through 4 filters:

The BM is an abstraction of business in a given phase, that considers business operations at a strategic and tactical level, in a value management perspective.



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